Steam Yacht Thordis

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grown oak bends Apr 2011 birdeye view

April 2011 - a photographic update

The reaction of people visiting Thordis is one of surprise. They've seen the web site and imagine her to be a medium sized river launch and they're taken back to see an old hull way above their heads. This is a picture of me standing in the engine room to give a sense of perspective. 62 feet long x 11 feet beam and 5 feet draught.

Apr 2011 Me in yacht Apr 2011 looking forward Apr 2011 ribs 1

80% of the ribs have now been replaced, each one averaging around 11 feet in length (12 feet in the Galley and Saloon). There are about 20 left to steam and 10 grown oak ribs in the counter stern to replace. On the left is a photo of a curved oak tree kindly donated to the cause and seasoning ready to be cut for the ribs in the counter stern.

The next stage is to get more of the planks cut and fitted and make templates of the engine bearers. This is neccessary as they are 6" x 12" and 20 feet long made of Greenheart or something similarly heavy that requires a crane to lift them in. These have to fit first time as it will be very difficult to move them once they are in the yacht. On occassions it's been very difficult to know what to do next and at times like these you just have to dive in and do something and then it all becomes obvious in what order it should be tackled. My philosophy throughout the project has been 'as long as I can see some progress at the end of every working day, I'm happy', and so far it's worked. If you look at the project as a whole it becomes too daunting, and it's sometimes good to look back at the photos to see the progress we've made so far.