Steam Yacht Thordis

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Thordis has suffered over the years from total neglect to the point where she could have easily been lost. During 1988/90 an effort was made to restore her but the job was never carried through to completion and she was once again left to the elements. The work was carried out in Gloucester but can only be described as half-hearted and temporary in nature to keep her afloat for a couple more years and the work actually exacerbated her decline. Doubled rib ends were finished on the same planks, pushing the planks out of allignment on both sides, the original planking arrangement was not followed resulting in many short planks and butt ends one on top of the other causing severe weakness and distortion. Many of her parts were scrapped or stolen and in 1990 she was finally towed down to Sharpness by the steam tug Mayflower and hawled out where she sat until the collapse of the deck and wheelhouse in July 2005. From this date it has been a rapid decline and with nothing holding the hull together she had distorted and spread an extra foot in width.