Steam Yacht Thordis

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Cutting the Stempost

With the chain mill Ali and Simon use the guide plank on top to start the first cut

1 first cut 1 starting the cut 1 guide bars 1 In the yard 1 Guide plank extension 1 Moment of truth! 1 Hey Presto!

With the first cut complete and the guide planks removed from the top, the moment of truth arrives as we slide the top off the tree. WOW, it's almost perfect, sweeping around the bend totaly knot free, but it's still touch and go if we can get the 8" depth we need without the pith line (center of the tree).  We place the templates back on the tree to assess it and although it fits, it has too much sapwood in it and we have to abandon the idea of using it for the stempost! In these situations it's always good to have a plan 'B' and fortunatly the trunk is exactly the right shape for the horn timber in the stern where we can use the center of the tree to cut it to its maximum width of 10" around the prop shaft. A new plan has evolved and we're back to square one with the stempost.