Steam Yacht Thordis

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10' Classic Mahogany Motor Dinghy

It's a great feeling when you find something that is exactly right and just how you pictured in your mind for Thordis. We'd been looking for a pair of 10' dinghys and even emailed 5 different makers advertising in Classic Boat and on the internet with the intention of commissioning a matched pair, but business must be good for them as not one contacted us back even after repeat emails! Sometimes you have to believe in fate, as this lovely little motor boat came along at just the right time.

dinghy 1 dinghy 2 dinghy 3 dinghy 4

Not much is known about her but we believe from the previous owner that she was built on the Broads around 1930. She's carvel built and was completely re-ribbed and restored several years ago. She is stripped out at the moment to refinish the bottom but is complete with a single cylinder stuart turner engine, transom hung rudder, rear and side seats and pine floors. We now have our heart set on a 10' mahogany sailing dinghy to match, and hope they are not too heavy in the davits. If anyone can recognise the builder we'd be very interested to know.