Steam Yacht Thordis

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Her importance can not be under-estimated. In the heyday of steam yachting (1870-1914) there were relatively few steam yachts built when you compare them against the number of sailing yachts of the era. The early private steam yachts have only recently been recognised as being of significant importance in the development and history of motor boating in Great Britain and it is vitally important to save a yacht with such a rich history and beautiful lines as Thordis.





Classic Yacht Thordis Thordis on deck at sea

Thordis was built by Camper and Nicholson on the Isle of Wight to a design by Charles E Nicholson in 1909 of pitch pine and teak over oak ribs. Thordis, for many years has been on the 'at risk register' of the National Historic Ships Society (Reg. No 680) and represents one of the few  Edwardian Steam Yachts still surviving today.





Thordis was built for Walter Laney, but it's colourful history was in the 30's and 40's under the ownership of Col. C. Pierce, commodore of the Poole Yacht Club. Col. Pierce had many connections with high society and royalty including King George V and we have a photo taken by Beken of Cowes of Wallis Simpson and Joachim von Ribbentrop on board dated 1935 - the year before Edward VIII abdicated the throne.