Steam Yacht Thordis

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1 Horn timber drawing

Horn Timber

When we bought Thordis the skeg supporting the rudder was an extension of a steel shoe enclosing the base of the horn timber and deadwood. Consequently, over twenty years of collecting rainwater on the dockside, it had rotted out and needs complete replacement. It's another daunting job to be done but we hope to spring the planks out and remove the horn timber , shaftlog, part of the keel and all the associated parts in one go by sliding it out the back end on a trolley.

The main timber and strength of the counter stern is the horn timber extending from the keel to the transom block. A very complex and shaply timber that swells around the 5"prop shaft tube and varying in width between 6" and 10".

Skeg shoe after Skeg shoe before Skeg shoe during

Below are the before and after shots of the skeg and steel shoe encasing the rotting deadwood timbers.

Horn timber 11 Horn timber 21

Manouvering the piece can be a bit tricky.



Below: thicknessing the timber to 10 inches.

1 foot per square