Steam Yacht Thordis

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The restoration will take place over a period of several years to the highest standard I can achieve. She was converted in 1932 to a Parsons petrol/parrafin engine and for sake of convenience I will initially be putting a Gardner 6LW engine and gearbox in. She originally had five steel bulkheads (3 full height and 2 half bulkheads) which will be replaced so anybody can put her back to steam at a later date. The bulkheads were made of 1/4" plate steel and angle iron to create an explosion proof and watertight seal in case of any accidents at sea.

The original planking was teak above and pitch pine below the waterline and this was one of the first major decisions to be made. Most of the underwater profile needs replanking and it was a choice between using pitch pine in much shorter lengths or going with a different timber and keeping the original planking design using full 24' lengths throughout the hull. As we will be going to sea via the Bristol channel I decided to restore her using scottish larch below the water to the original design of 24' lengths. Camper and Nicholson did these things for a reason and you see so many modern restorations spoilt by short butt ends of irregular lengths.


Below are a few photos of the hull stripped out ready for work to begin.