Steam Yacht Thordis

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ribs for counter stern

Updated News 2011

14-3-11 It's been really slow and frustrating progress on the hull over the winter due to the poor weather we've had. More timber was to be cut back in December but is still sat in the yard waiting for a good opportunity to get the saw set up. We have however found the time in the last few days to get a few more ribs steamed in place and now have about 80% of them replaced with only four in the bow and the ribs in the saloon to complete. Planking will continue over the summer along with work on the stempost and deadwood.

26-3-11 We thank Mr Christopher Hood who sent us this picture his father took of Thordis in the Bristol Channel in the early 60s. Chris remembers waiting alongside Thordis in Sharpness Dock for the outgoing tide. For me this picture brings Thordis to life and spurs us on with her restoration. The yacht in the foreground is 'Heron' , does she still exist?

Chris Hood Picture

We are trying to source genuine original equipment and fittings for Thordis in the hope that anybody stepping aboard will be transported back in time to a bygone era of elegance.

12-8-11 These are the rough cut ribs for the counter stern - cut from curved oak limbs. These will be cut oversize to allow for any reshaping that may be needed as the tensions are released from the wood when it was cut to size. So far there seems to be little movement despite it being 2 3/4" thick and only having 16 months of seasoning. The longest of the ribs is about 5' long and these are the only grown oak ribs in the yacht.

10-10-11 Been busy working on the counter stern timbers and cutting the oak for the keel.