Steam Yacht Thordis

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News 2014

With a few back injuries at the latter part of 2013 I've been forced to take it easy. With work on the yacht curtailed to the workshop, it's enabled the larger pieces of timber a little more time to season and if you were thinking work had stopped you'd be very wrong. It takes time to source all the right parts for the project, especially on a tight budget, and a lot or research into getting different parts made to the right pattern. We're now into July and work on the hull has commenced with fitting the keel and riveting a few more planks. 

deadwood timbers 2 keel timber 2

A new 18' section is grafted on with a 12' multi-stepped and angled joint fastened with home made bronze keel bolts.

Whats left of the keel after all the rot has been removed.

It's been a frustrating year on the yacht with very little happening on the hull due to problems with the deadwood and prop shaft log. We need to get these finished to steam the final ribs and complete the planking but due to movement as the horn timber dries out and issues with drilling a 5" hole through the shaft log, the work on the hull has ground to a temporary halt.



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Being unable to lay about on a beach for very long, we've not been idle. Work continues on other parts of the yacht and as my father is helping to steam and rivet the ribs, I've been helping out on his project. Having been let down by two people we decided to build the ash framework of this 1930 Hampton, built in Stroud with only five examples known to exist. We're hoping to have it completed in January ready for the aluminium body.

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Test driving the bare chassis

Lady Baden Powell with the car on Minchinhampton Common