Steam Yacht Thordis

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News  2018

After 3 years of very little happening on the hull due to health issues I am looking forward to restarting the project. I will be pushing the work along by trying to get one or two more people involved with the heavier work.


Been working on the large oak keel timbers below. The hole for the 5" prop shaft tube has been a  real problem holding the whole project up. These timbers support the main horn timber (righthand picture) cut from solid grown oak. Once this is in place, fitted and secured the remaining ribs can be cut and steamed.

motorboat1 motorboat2

I have also been very fortunate in finding the sister ship to Thordis's 10' motorboat, found a few miles away from the first one near Evesham. Rumour has it that they were made as hire boats by an Evesham boatbuilder in the 1930s. I'm not quite so sure as they are built in close seamed carvel mahogany which wouldn't suit the hire business. Needing some planking work, the two should look stunning hung on davits at Thordis's side.

side shot 1 quarter shot 2 front 2

Meanwhile, the Hampton's body is complete and back in the garagea waiting more time while work on Thordis continues.