Steam Yacht Thordis

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rear deck 0291op


We are currently looking for the following items for the restoration of Thordis. We are willing to buy these items if they are in good condition and sensibly priced but any help in finding them or donations would be gratefully received. (Any items can be donated but anything not used will be offered back or sold to raise money for the restoration fund). We thank everyone for donating items from timber to deck fittings, and for offering their skills in engineering and casting to remake or alter items to fit.




Deck Prisms, preferably the bigger rectangular type.


Admiralty checker or diamond plate as it's sometimes known. We need it for the engine room floor which measures 7' x 2' each side of the engine. Each side can be made up of two or three pieces. (modern durbar plate is not a substitute and looks totally wrong for restorations of this type).


Also looking for any old photos or documentation on Thordis to help with the restoration. If anyone knows of the where abouts of any parts removed from her when she lay derelict in Worcester and Gloucester we'd be interested in trying to get them back.


4 blade right hand prop around 36" dia and 30 -34" pitch (maybe someone

out there can advise on pitch calculations for a more accurate measurement).

Taper is 2" - 2 1/2" over the 6" boss. The preference is for a more traditional

design - if you don't ask you don't get!




Looking for a 10' clinker or carvel sailing dinghy of similar design to the motor dinghy on the website.


Scrap Lead - If anyone in the area has any scrap lead they'd like to donate to a good cause we'd love to hear from them. We estimate, approximatly 6 tons will be needed for ballast. We will be casting a new keel and movable ballast in the form of ingots.


2 Pairs of door handles and escutcheons to match the handles already

on the yacht. Please click on the photos for a larger image.



Hatch stays to match these pictures.

We only have one original pair but

need about twelve and don't relish

the thought of having them made.


WANTED- similar prop to this.